Gracious Heart Foundation is a charitable incorporated organisation supporting children with cerebral palsy in United Kingdom since 2013.

Who we support:

Gracious Heart Foundation currently supports five facilities for children with cerebral palsy in United Kingdom.

We believe that it is important to start rehabilitating children as early as possible, and so our supported centres specialise in those of a young age.

The funds we raise are used for classes, the development of facilities, and to help the children’s families attend rehabilitation sessions.

Our mission:

Our mission is to help maximise the long-term independence, self-esteem, and potential of children aged 0 to 12 years old who are living with movement disorders and other medical conditions associated with cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury.

How we do it:

We do this by funding non-profit-making organisations, individuals and projects in four strategic areas:

Rehabilitation Centres

Providing crucial funding for Rehabilitation Centres to ensure they can continue to provide life-giving practical support and essential services to help more disabled children to learn new skills, make progress and achieve their maximum potential.

Medical Treatment

Providing targeted funding support for the medical treatment of children with movement disorders caused by cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury who are from single parent families and are referred to us by our Rehabilitation Partners.

Projects & Potential

Providing opportunities for other individuals and corporate donors to get involved by funding specific projects, or by working closely with children affected by cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury to improve their understanding of the condition and reveal the children’s potential.

Raising Awareness

Raising awareness of the potential of children affected by cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury by acting as a catalyst to help release and reveal their talents and abilities, encouraging closer interaction with them and their families, and sharing their stories of how support and rehabilitation has helped them to lead better lives.

Our values:


We work with a team of highly qualified professionals from the top Rehabilitation Centres in the country, who work closely with us to help identify and establish our funding goals and to ensure the rehabilitation programmes we fund are suitable for each individual child.


We encourage our funding partnerships with organisations and individuals to be as pro-active and productive as possible, based on mutual trust and respect. We are always open to discussing new partnership opportunities that would benefit the lives of children affected by cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury.


We take detailed notes where we are involved with the treatment of individual children, taking responsibility for goal-setting and the regular review of those goals to ensure our support is valuable, effective, and is helping them to achieve their maximum potential. Whenever we decide to take on the case of an individual child’s treatment or a rehabilitation programme, we are committed to seeing this through to completion.


All the funds we raise go directly towards the work of the Foundation in funding rehabilitation centres, individual projects and initiatives to help improve the lives of children affected by cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury.