Medical treatment

"The Gracious Heart Charity Foundation were amazing and the only charity in the UK we could find who were prepared to help us fund a trip for Dominic to receive treatment outside the country.   

They organised a fundraising evening, inviting well-known people to get involved, and a jewellery company donated a percentage of their sales towards Dominic’s treatment at Adeli, raising £4,000 towards the trip.”  


Vera, Dominic’s mother 


We captured Dominic’s first visit to the Adeli Centre on video!  


One of our priorities is to provide targeted funding support for the medical treatment of children with movement disorders caused by cerebral palsy or acquired brain injury.

We focus on providing help to children who are from single parent or/ and families with low income referred to us by our Rehabilitation Centre Partners: Brainwave, The Children’s Trust and Small Steps.

As an example, we have been regular guardians for various children being treated by the Brainwave Centre, donating £3,500 per child to cover a year’s therapy costs and specialist provision.

This funding support gives children, and their parents and carers, access to a personalised therapy programme, essential equipment, and on-going home support.

Other support we provide includes covering the cost for individual children to take part in intensive rehabilitation courses with durations of 2, 3, or 4 weeks in various Rehabilitation Centres.

These courses can cost anywhere between £3 000 to £5 500 each and are individually tailored and customised according to the form and specifics of the child’s condition.

£35 000 can change the quality of life for 10 children waiting for funding for their rehabilitation programmes.

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Medical treatment

£35 000