Rehabilitation centres

Every year, 23 000 children are born with or develop a disability. Statistics from The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) state that, in the UK alone, 1 in 400 babies are born with cerebral palsy, with approximately 1800 children diagnosed each year. 

Rehabilitation centre programmes aim to develop the maximum potential of each child by taking and integrated approach to their physical and cognitive development and by aiming to enhance a child’s social skills and emotional well-being.  

Specialist therapists, who are drawn from the mainstream fields of physiotherapy, occupationals therapy, speech and language therapy and educational therapy, work closely with families to devise a unique programme, specifically designed to suit their child’s needs, which will help and encourage them to unlock their child’s potential. 

£37 000 - The cost of funding each Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist each year  


With so much time dedicated to each child’s care and medical needs, fun and laughter is an essential part of the rehabilitation process. For a child with a brain injury or cerebral palsy, having fun is a means of exploring the world around them. It is a way of developing new physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills to overcome the many disadvantages they now face. 

Trips out enchance each child’s tailored rehabilitation plan. They can help to motivate and fully involve the child in their own recovery, increasing their confidence adn self-esteem and teaching them how to use and develop their new skill set. They also provide positive experiences which can help to encourage them through the inevitable low points and difficult times. 

Furthermore, they help both the child and their parents gain experience in managing the additional considerations required when taking disabled child out in public and the inevitable barriers and restrictions they face. But most importantly it gives the children and their families a chance to enjoy their lives just like anyone else would be able to. 

£25 440 – The cost to run The Children’s Trust fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles for the year, taking all of the children at The Children’s Trust to vital medical appointments, trips back home and exciting outings into the community. 


£21 937 -  The cost of specialist items of equipment  


  • Magic carpet – therapy projection device £5000 
  • Specialist play equipment – (incl. Sensory toys, art&crafts kits, LED lighting, switch controlled toys for children with limited movement) £2107 
  • Items of Medical Equipment (incl. Nebulisers, Sats Monitors, PLS 5 (Speech and Language Therapy tool) Aquatherapy Chairs, Physiotherapy balance training equipment £10 830 

Total of £85000 a year is a significant help to fund three key areas in one rehabilitation centre which supports more than 200 children with cerebral palsy to live the best life possible.  

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Rehabilitation centres

£85 000